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This mark expresses KIHON and KUMITE and KATA are on the mutual relations.
Abe Sensei thought and made it.



Wednesday, 24 August 2011 07:30


One,  Manners and Etiquette and Appearance are important factors to be displayed by the Examinee.

One,  Proper stance must also be displayed clearly, ie Zenkutsu Dachi and Kokutsu Dachi must look different and be applied correctly.

One,  Balance of both right and left side of the body must be correct.

One,  The eyes must also be directed in the correct position when applied in stance and movement.

One,  Kiai ( Guttural Yell) must be definite and strong.

One,  Fast movement must be displayed as fast, not slow.

One,  Kime ( Focus) must be displayed correctly.

One,  In Kihon, and Ido Kihon the heel must not leave the floor and be lifted up.

One,  By lifting the heel of the floor power distribution will be lost and balance will be affected.

One,  The back leg is bent or straightened will determine if there is focus or no focus.

One,  Exact target acquisition must be shown when facing a partner.

One,  When attacking an opponent the attacking angle must be correct.

One,  When attacking correct timing must be displayed.

One,  Attacking side must prepare correct position with attempted attack. ie If attacking with Tsuki Waza then the fist must be correctly clenched, if attacking with kicking techniques then the position and the angle of the foot must be correct.

One,  In Gohon Kumite ,Sambon Kumite and Ippon Kumite attacking side must adjust distancing and then attack with commitment and speed.

One,  In Jiyu Ippon Kumite both sides must adjust distancing correctly.

One,  If the examiner due to injury or age factor cannot perform Kumite then Kenkyu Happyo ( this will be decided by the Examiner. Written examination, or application etc. . may be required.)

One,  Examiner must understand the limitations of the examinee.

One,  The teacher must teach the grading syllabus correctly to students and Examinees during normal training so that the Examinees learn the grading syllabus correctly and are confident .

One,   Important three factors for Kata.

       One,  Power distribution.

       One,  Contraction and Expansion of the body.

       One,  The correct distribution of Power and Speed and Technique.


* The practice of Kihon and Kata is practised for the purpose of Kumite.

Kumite and Kihon also serve the purpose of Kata. 
These factors must be clearly understood.
Kihon , Kata and Kumite are always linked , this must also be clearly understood.



The reason why it's expressed as "SHO Dan " for 1 Dan

Tuesday, 21 June 2011 08:45

At first you need to know about SHO Dan's meaning.
Most of you use 1 Dan.
It isn't wrong, but in Japan we traditionally use SHO Dan.
Because it's very happy thing to get first Dan, we express the feeling by using SHO.

SHO means first time and is often read "Hajime".